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Wall Plastbau® 3 Description, Models and Benefits Advantages of the insulating
ETA for Wall Plastbau® 3
Wall Plastbau 3

Advantages of the insulating formwork Plastbau® 3 wall or - Plastbau® metal floor

For the design

  • Simplification of the material selection
  • Mass and lowe specific weight with the same static capacities
  • Design flexibility in a seismic area too
  • Monolithic structures
  • Possibility to design and easily build beams and walls
  • Simple calculation and assesment of any component for vertical and horizontal structures (number and sizes)
  • Project variants easily applicable when no casting has been made yet
  • Availability of official certifications of formwork materials
  • Availability of test reports certifying the thermal-sound proofing features according to the regulations in force on the constructed buildings
  • Insulating material (plates in EPS) compliant with the regulation EN 13163

For the building contractor

  • Lower form costs when building concrete vertical structures
  • Laying speed and simplicity: extremely light formworks can be handled by hand
  • Incidence of the total laying times (that is forming laying and reinforcement, casting, extremely reduced to the bare minimum: about 0.30 h/m2)
  • Maximum safety in the yard taking the morphology, stiffness and lightness of the formworks
  • Very low use of timer in the yard
  • No waste material when accurately managing the required parts. Possible wastes to be easily reused
  • Reduced company staff (max 3 - 4 people)
  • Easily and rapidly laid installations: using simple tools, hot blades or cutters, it is possible to easily groove traces where to lay hydraulic and electric installations
  • Rapid AND simple internal and external finishing (inside: plasterboard plates, hard plaster, plasters, etc.) (outside: plasters, stone or brick coating)

For the final user

  • Better living comfort taking the best sound and thermal features into account
  • Higher energy saving, for heating and conditioning too
  • Higher safety: a single building in reinforced concrete
  • Higher use of the internal surface whit the same external project shape (on average 5 % - 6 % more)
  • Lower cost of the building with the same thermal performance

The integrated system with insulated wall formwork Plastbau® 3 and floor formwork Plastbau® Metal, thanks to its lightness, safety, flexible use, workability and simple laying allows building very high structures, in seismic areas too, with normal and unspecific tooling.

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