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Solaio Plastbau Metal

Plastbau® Metal is a self-standing formwork panel up to 2 meter long, with a variable geometry and built-in thermal insulation to build floors, to be reinforced and cast. Its high performances depend on the structural joint between foam polystyrene and galvanized metal profiles, duly drilled and customized shaped. Such a perfect mix between polistyrene mass and internal metal inserts allow panels, even though very light (kg/m2 7), to become self-standing and stiff enough to support initial loads, such as fresh concrete, core grids, workers, etc. Plastbau® Metal allows to easy replacing old-fashioned floors with no more weight added to structures and foundations, extremely easy to install as each unit can be manually moved.

It is possible furthermore, to optimize thicknesses as the installations can be all fitted inside the panel longitudinal holes, thus cutting the floor intrados thickness to the bare minimum. Matching and jointing the panels by seat lasting (male/female), a beam is created, where to host core grids (right, stumps and shaped), to be included with a Plastbau® Metal casting, getting rid of thermal bridges.

Standard section
Solaio Plastbau Metal
Range of thicknesses at the beam level
Range of height at the beam level
Solaio Plastbau Metal
Range of thicknesses at the beam level
Range of heights at the beam level

Panel with basic section

Panel with a big hole

Plastbau® technology allows to schedule the unit thicknesses already during production to lead to a fixed thermal insulation U coefficient and an H height of the structural beam. Plastbau® Metal is available in three different models:

Plastbau® Metal Filler version

Plastbau® Metal Filler version Panels are covered at the intrados with a metal grid, to allow the perfect coating fitting.

Plastbau® Metal glase ceiling version

Plastbau® Metal glase ceiling version Panels are not fitted with a metal grid, as they are destined to be left raw, covered with dry plating, or false ceilings, exploiting the coated sheets fitted in the panel, at 30 cm distance.

Plastbau® Metal health-care use

Plastbau® Metal health-care use Panels mainly consists of EPS, therefore they are self-standing with a prop every 2 mt. They are fitted as health-care floors on the basement, on a sand bed or as overlaid floors to pre-existing structures to be replaced. Anyhow, Plastbau® Metal lightness is profited from to the benefit of the yard handling and insulation with no thermal bridges.

Light weight, means safety when working

If compared to a floor in clay/concrete mix or to plates, with the same thickness, the weight is cut about 100 kg per m2. It thus means a consistent saving of iron, concrete and labour. Repeated saving can be extended to the structure and building foundations too. The Plastbau® Metal panel laying, whose weight accounts for about 7Kg/m2, is always manual and very rapid. In fact a 5 linear meter panel, for a 3 m2 floors, simply weights 21 kg, thus easily and safely handled within the building yard.


It is possible to replace old-fashioned floors with Plastbau® Metal with no more weight added on structures and foundations. What is more the unit manual handling does not require any lifting unit.


Panels are originally self-standing, that is they can stand any weight (casting, people, irons, etc.) with simply supports up to 2 meters, in the specific modes forecast in the standard UNI ENV 1994 1.1.

Provisional support Self-standing
Provisional support


Insulation with not thermal bridge

One of the most important and unique product features. The continuous insulation depends on the jointing between panels with rabbets. As insulation is built-in the floor structure, the insulation is the best possible on the production line, according to the project requirements. Plastbau® Metal allows to cut covering floor thickness to the bare minimum.

The U thermal transmittance values can vary at ease, from 0.59 W/m2K to 0.17 W/m2K. Plastbau® Metal is an insulation material compliant with what forecast in the standard EN 13163.

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