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Service for static design

  • It cuts weights on wall and founfations
  • It cuts horizontal weight in case of an earthqake
  • No thermal bridge
  • It is possible to design in a single package: the floor statics, REI, the thermal and sound proofing
  • It allows to build fllors with a large grid and wide holes
  • It allows to fit heating in the flooring while improving any performance
  • It is available in three models, to lay plaster, false ceilings and health-care floors

For the building company

  • It cut costs thanks to its versatility
  • It easeslaying in refurbishing
  • Manually fit with no means or special lifting units, rainly in the areas more difficult to be accessed
  • It can yard times
  • It improves the yard safety conditions (walking area and lower weight per person)

For the final user

  • Better comfort when living in lofts
  • Economic saving in the room conditioning
  • Better access to financin for a better thermal insulation (in the areas and provinces where forecast)
  • It gets rids of the heat dispersions between rooms whithin the same building
  • Higher safety in case of fire
  • Higher safety in case of an earthquake

For the environment

  • It can be recycled
  • It does not hold gases
  • It cuts the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
  • It cuts the road transportation requirements ad it possibile to trasport a highter quantity at time
For the environment For the environment

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