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Floors Slab Wall Partition Wall
House built with the Plastbau Construction System®


The development of Poliespanso's ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Construction System began in Mantua, Italy in 1986 and it provides for quality solutions for building energy-efficient houses with a very fast and safe ICF building system; the system offers many advantages and qualities that must last over time.



with lower construction costs and guaranteed energy consumption throughout the life of the building

Energy efficiency


looking to the future for an eco-sustainable choice with low impact on the environment

The thermal insulation of each individual building is designed specifically for the climate zone.

Poliespanso products and construction system offer many advantages that improve every single stage of construction in the process of constructing ICF energy-efficient buildings:


Design flexibility DESIGN FLEXIBILITY

to optimize the internal living spaces, a technical support service and a preliminary analysis of each project are provided

Superior structural strength SUPERIOR STRUCTURAL STRENGTH

to provide for optimal seismic resistance even in areas with a high seismic risk

  • in the installation of lightweight panels with very short construction site times and Manpower
  • in the installation and marking of hydraulic systems and electrical systems
  • for the installation of internal and external finishes

for the safe and manual handling of products requiring only light and inexpensive construction equipment


for a safe and clean construction site; the space is optimized on the construction site and no heavy, bulky and expensive construction machinery and equipment is needed


with few integrated products and compatible materials only little experience and manpower is required; all product information and installation advice is available for both the designer and the manufacturer


for the best planning and organisation of the construction site; assembly diagrams and installation advice are provided

Fire resistance and certifications FIRE RESISTANCE / CERTIFICATIONS

for a superior safety guarantee all products are tested and certified


for superior living comfort, specific compatible products are envisaged

Return on investment RETURN ON INVESTMENT

for a fast and secure return on investment in new residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, schools, universities and office buildings

Floors Slab

Floors Slab Plastbau® Metal

ICF-panel 60 cm wide at the required project length; self-supporting up to a maximum of two metres; height of the panel with variable geometry (H+K) with H-rafter section and incorporated thermal insulation K; to create sanitary slabs, inter-storey slabs and roofs to be reinforced and cast with onsite concrete.


Wall Plastbau® 3

ICF units, standard 120 cm wide; self-supporting; produced in the required design height; high-density EPS slabs joined and spaced by metal frames that also contribute to the reinforcement of the cement to be cast on site inside them. Total width of each variable geometry element with built-in thermal insulation to build load-bearing walls.

Partition Wall

Partition Wall Plastbau®

60 cm wide structural panel with metal reinforcement, made of EPS and steel metal profiles; thickness ranging from 6 cm to 20 cm; produced to project length. The 2 metal profiles offer an integrated fastening system for quick and easy installation of internal and external finishes. The thickness of the metal C-shaped profiles accounts for 8/10 mm - Distance between the metal profiles 30 cm.

ICF technology for building efficiency: ICF products for floors, roofs, walls and interior walls with built-in thermal insulation; superior structural strength and lightness ideal for earthquake proofing; long-lasting qualities and advantages for an environmentally friendly choice with low environmental impact.

35 ANNI DI POLIESPANSO - 1985 | 2020

The PLASTBAU® installations and components used in the system are protected by patents owned by Plastedil SA.