Wall Plastbau® 3 formwork parts

The Poliespanso® Construction System is made up of the combination of the two ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) formwork panels for WALL and FLOORS SLAB with the PARTITION WALL PLASTBAU® unit; it offers the ideal solution for the safe industrialisation of the building site.

The ICF integrated construction system with Wall Plastbau® 3 and Floors Slab Plastbau® Metal, thanks to its lightness, safety, flexibility of use, workability and ease of installation, allow the construction of buildings, even in seismic areas, with the use of few construction site equipment.

Poliespanso ICF is ideal for industrializing the site and meeting the needs of the designer.

Wall Plastbau® 3 consists of ICF formwork panels, standard 120 cm wide; high-density EPS self-supporting slabs joined and spaced by metal frames that also contribute to the reinforcement of the cement to be cast on site inside them.

An important aspect of this technology is its flexibility and adaptability to the needs of the designer.

POLIESPANSO's integrated ICF solution provides for faster construction times on site, reduced labour costs and the use of less equipment; living comfort and high quality are achieved with significantly reduced costs in the design, construction and management of the building.


For the designer FOR THE DESIGNER
  • done• Simplification of the design choice of materials
  • done• Minor own weights and masses with the same static capacity
  • doneFlexibility of the design also in seismic areas.
  • done• Simplification of the design choice of materials
  • doneSimplification of material design selection.
  • doneEasily applicable design variants when the casting has not yet taken place.
  • doneOfficial certifications from the materials used in the formworks are available.
  • doneInsulating materials (EPS slabs) and EN 13163 standard.
For the construction company FOR THE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
  • doneLower costs for equipment for assembly and clamping of formwork for vertical concrete structures.
  • doneSpeed and ease of installation: the extremely light ICF formworks allow manual Handling.
  • doneIncidence of total laying times (i.e. laying of ICF formworks and reinforcements, castings, extremely reduced: about 0.30h/m2).
  • doneGreater safety on site due to the lightness of the ICF elements.
  • doneVery little wood used on site.
  • doneNo waste material, carefully managing the request for the necessary pieces. Any scraps are easily reusable.
  • doneOn-site personnel reduced to a minimum (max 3 - 4 people/teams).
  • doneQuick and easy installation: using simple tools with hot blades or cutters, it is possible to quickly dig the tracks necessary for the installation of electrical and hydraulic systems. Quick AND easy application of internal (plasterboard, plasterboard, plasterboard, etc.) and external (plaster, stone and brick coverings) finishes.
For the user FOR THE USER
  • doneCost savings and high energy efficiency.
  • doneLiving comfort.
  • doneStructural and seismic resistance.
  • doneOptimisation of interior spaces .
  • doneFast and secure return on investment.

The PLASTBAU® installations and components used in the system are protected by patents owned by Plastedil SA.